Reduce your planning risk.

Commonplace helps reduce planning risks by providing data & analytics on neighbourhood needs.

Make consultation more cost effective.

Better insight for your investment, or lower total costs.

Engage the whole community.

Reach more of the community - e.g. during a consultation. Our app is simple, transparent and inclusive.

Collate evidence to support your planning.

Commonplace data can be sliced by theme, location, demographic, date & time.

How it works for residents...

Some of our Case studies...

    East Shoreditch


    Commonplace is providing the foundation for a neighbourhood plan in East Shoreditch. It has already been described as a gold standard in engagement.



    We are working with housing association Poplar Harca to improve the Devon's Road area of Poplar. A group of resident 'champions are leading the project.

    West Hampstead


    In West Hampstead, we are supporting final consultation on the local development plan. The project was recently featured in an article on West Hampstead Life

    East Shoreditch

    "Commonplace provides valuable data, and helps start new conversations with residents. It provides quick & easy solutions. Commonplace is creating a solid foundation for our plan by capturing what people say." Will Nutland, East Shoreditch


    "We have used Commonplace to identify the needs & concerns of residents in Devons Road. This information is now being used to influence decision making about new community projects and developments. We're also looking at other opportunities in Poplar because we can see Commonplace being a tool for ongoing communications with our tenants. Working with Commonplace has been a great experience and they come highly recommended to other Housing Associations." Robert Lansbury, Poplar HARCA

    West Hampstead

    "Commonplace has been an invaluable tool, really helped our engagement work. It connects with those not reached by previous consultations - and provides highly visible and eye-catching record of the results. The comments submitted will inform the final draft of our Neighbourhood Plan. We would wholeheartedly recommend this tool to other communities." James Earl, Fortune Green & West Hampstead Neighbourhood Development Forum

    The Team

    Mike Saunders



    An experienced entrepreneur, Mike is passionate about making cities and neighbourhoods user-centered.

    David J-K

    Bus Dev Director


    David Janner Klausner is passionate about planning, environment and community building. He has managed both delivery of multi-million pound programmes and complex policy development.

    Andy Pols



    Has over 26 years hands-on experience delivering innovative software in mobile telephony, investment banking, cnc robotics and yield-management.

    Ali Alsaraf



    Ali works with our projects and runs our social media. He's an MRes Public Policy student with background in politics, international relations, human rights and retail. Interested in policy and social research.

    Sam Campion

    Social Media


    Commonplace's newest member, Sam is in charge of running our social media accounts.

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